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Gulf Coast Romantic Adventure

Southerners love adventure; of course, the weather is built for that. The sun that we also enjoy on the beaches, particularly in Miami, a city with a frenzied pace that seems to have been built on tourism and pleasures.

The great attraction of the region, in Orlando, visitors flock to Walt Disney World, one of the most important amusement parks in the world.

Enjoying the sun, which is present all year round, playing sports, swimming here is a hell of a program. But Florida is also a lot of culture and attractions that you absolutely must visit. Fascinating museums, events, parks.

The Abbe Museum: why should you visit this museum? Quite simply because it plunges us into the origins and birth of this region of the world. The Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor is dedicated to Native American history and culture. Native Americans were the original inhabitants of Maine more than 12,000 years ago. Each aisle of the museum offers us a well-kept secret of this ancestral culture.

Seaworld Orlando: If you’re bringing your kids or just because you love animals, this Orlando theme park should have you covered! It is a marine park where you can see all kinds of marine species evolving in different attractions; you can attend a dolphin race, see orcas, sea lions.

Discovery of the marine world that extends over 80 hectares that will inevitably amaze you!